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 Vogel's "Man in the Mirror" - First 2 Reviews

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PostSubject: Vogel's "Man in the Mirror" - First 2 Reviews   Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:54 pm

Man in the Music by Joe Vogel: the first 2 reviews!
Webbie | July 5, 2011 at 6:49 pm | Categories: 2011 Archive | URL:

First review of Man in the Music is in:
“The many fans of the King of Pop are going to love this book. Huffington Post writer Vogel began it in 2005, long before Michael Jackson’s untimely death, and he wisely focuses on the music and groundbreaking recordings of Jackson’s solo career. Scandals and eccentricities are relegated to the background in this critical musical analysis, which will delight even the most knowledgeable Jackson fan. Each track on each record, from 1979’s Off the Wall through 2001’s Invincible, including posthumously released recordings, gets a thorough analysis, with listings of the involved writers, producers, and musicians. There is plenty of contextual biographical detail, and Vogel describes the cultural and political backdrop that makes Jackson’s achievements all the more remarkable. VERDICT A thoroughly enjoyable analysis of the music and life of the most popular musician of an era.” —Library Journal

Second review of Man in the Music is in:
“Vogel, a Huffington Post writer, immerses readers in a chronological exploration of Michael Jackson’s remarkable solo career. Chapter by chapter and literally song by song, he discusses Jackson’s albums, videos, dances, cinematic influences, musical heroes, idiosyncrasies, and artistic transformations from the inception of Off the Wall, Jackson’s 1979 solo debut, through 2001′s Invincible, his last studio album. In a final chapter set after Jackson’s notorious child abuse trial, Vogel reconstructs the performer’s plans for a series of comeback concerts and the worldwide shock following news of his death. Vogel has produced a smart–if at times academic–study of Jackson’s creativity and musical legacy. Based on interviews (none with Jackson himself), articles, and reviews, he achieves moments of intimacy and insight: a glimpse of Jackson, an ambitious perfectionist, in the studio relaxing his vocal cords with a hot drink poured over cough drops. By astutely contextualizing Jackson’s cultural impact and relevance, Vogel bolsters his premise that media sensationalism continues to denigrate Jackson’s artistic integrity without sounding vindictive. Strangely, Vogel occasionally undermines his hard work by giving Jackson a makeover as a romantic hero rather than a unique, complex multimedia celebrity. Jackson may have agreed; readers will enjoy.” —Publishers Weekly

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Vogel's "Man in the Mirror" - First 2 Reviews
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