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 Interview with Kenny Ortega

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PostSubject: Interview with Kenny Ortega   Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:54 pm

Got this off another board....


I hope most of this makes sense, I was just typing as they were talking live, so I may have missed bits, but hopefully most of it is there. there was some new info in there too!

Kenny: MJ was Wonderful, kindest and most generous. Most loving person.

Kenny was with dancers and technical crew at staples awaiting arrival and expecting him. started to get text and calls, realised something wrong and then heard the news.

Fearne: How soon after did you decided to make movie?
Kenny: Not my idea, didn't raise my hand even tho we received thousands of requests. Realised this is the last documentation of MJ. last creative work. realised journey isn't over yet.thought to myself, pull it together and do it.This is for the fans. we Considered them all along the process..

Fearne: what should we expect? What will we see?
Kenny: Wanted to make film to share what MJ was doing and what he wanted. ended up becoming a tribute and celebration of a master and true genious. He was INvolved in EVERY aspect of the film.

Fearne: I saw 12 minutes which were spine-tingling. Alot of him rehearsing directing. Any more behind the scens stuff. chilling and relaxing.
Kenny: not much coz cameras weren't on. this footage was for only MJS reference so this is an accident.

Fearne: Really felt intimate. how did you work together?
Kenny: MJ was architect and principle person. He called us all. Called kenny first and asked for greatest artists to help. Wanted to take people where they hadn't been before.Had so much fun to get the ideas. Quite an extraordinary show planned.

Fearne: voice sounded phenominal! he was on good form.
Kenny: Dancers came fromm all around world, less than half his age. MJ still blowing minds! improvisational dance skills were truely unbelievable. He had dancers falling to knees in deep amazement.

Fearne: looked extremely thin.
Kenny: "fighting weight". We looked after him. protein drinks. He was very strong and getting stronger.

Listener question coming up after "this Is It" is played.

Q:Will film show MJs humour?
K: Yes, there's some funny stuff in the film. He would call me and change his voice with a british accent. He would make up a funny name.

Q: What was Mike like last time he saw him?
K: Mike was VERY happy. end of rehearsal on Wednesday night. Looking up at the stage with Mike and Mike said "it's the dream. It's everything we imagined". Mike asked me to say "thank you" to the crew. He was looking forward to the next day.

Q: Will there ever be a TII stage show as a tribute.
K: Many people are talking about it. You have Thriller Live here in London and they're talking about doing something on Broadway and something in Vegas. We'll see MJ celebrated for years to come.

Q: Did MJ have new moves that he was practising.
K: Mj throws down some great moves. Music takes over his body. He does a casual version of BJ which is brilliant. Genious. We didn't have a Penguin dance, it didn't exist, he was just jamming. We were all "What is THAT?!"

Q: was MJ a nice guy?
K: the nicest soul. Gently, kind, generous. lovely. respectful of everybody around him. An angel walking on the planet. a great man.

Q: which song MJ enjoyed performing the most?
K: The fans voted on the material. He loved Human Nature. He considered Stranger in Moscow and alternating it once in London. I would have to say Human Nature was his favourite.

Q: Are you nervous about putting the film out?
K: Scary in the beginning. Wasn't certain that I wanted to be a part of it, but it was a healing experience. It bonded the team in a deeper way. He's so alive in this film.

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Kenny Ortega   Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:09 pm

K: Mj throws down some great moves. Music takes over his body. He does a casual version of BJ which is brilliant. Genious. We didn't have a Penguin dance, it didn't exist, he was just jamming. We were all "What is THAT?!"



I'll tell you what, we'll play a game. Anybody here like games? HELLO? *Clap-Clap* Game time!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Kenny Ortega   Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:55 am

jack hehehe yeaaaa
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Kenny Ortega   

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Interview with Kenny Ortega
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