Do You Think That Michael Jackson Hoaxed His Death? Do You Think That There was A conspiracy To Murder Michael Jackson? Lets Talk!
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 TINI Campaign

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PostSubject: TINI Campaign   Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:53 pm

I swear I saw a topic on this, but I just can't find it. If Tracy knows where it is, please move my post there.

MJJ community folks interviewed TINI Campaign fans. Here's the interview:

1. Who are the individuals that make up the TINI campaign? How were you able to organize so quickly on Facebook, You Tube, etc.?

We stated this on the TINI website and press release too. We are a group of fans from different countries who knew Michael personally for many years, and kept in contact with each other through FB, email, etc. Because we knew and witnessed certain things while around Michael, we had to do something to raise awareness around the circumstances of his death. So we decided to organize this campaign.

2. What is it that you hope to ultimately achieve?

Awareness around the circumstances that led to Michael's death, and exposing as much as we know, the ones responsible for his death, starting from Dr. Murray and beyond. Contributing to the truth.

3. Does your group have any contact with Michael's family?

Yes, some family members are aware of our efforts. Joe Jackson also sent a message of support that is posted on our website.

4. Is it true that you wanted to boycott the 'This Is It' movie?

As stated on the website, statement, and FB page, it is NOT true that our objective is to boycott the movie. In fact, some of us are going to see the movie, perhaps several times.

5. Is it your group's position that AEG and/or Sony is responsible for the death of Michael Jackson? If so, why and if not, who do you think is responsible and why?

We can only say they are responsible of negligence, and of pushing him too hard, sometimes against his will or making him believe he had no choice financially. Not only AEG and Sony but also Colony Capital and his managers. They are responsible in that they turned a blind eye to his condition instead of helping him and putting a stop to the tour so that he could take care of his health. They are responsible because they knew, it was right under their eyes (and they acknowledge that now), and did nothing. Moreover, they prevented concerned people from taking action.

6. Please explain the idea behind wanting to use a 'golden casket' as a means of protest at the movie premiere. Do you still plan to do this? Why or why not?

We took note of the fact that a lot of people disliked this suggestion. It was just an idea to draw media attention, and make a strong statement that Michael was used for money, that led to his death. We do not force this onto people who want to help at the premieres around the globe. The media already took note of the campaign.

7. When your group last saw Michael alive, you offered testimonies as to how skinny your group thought he was and that your group thought that he might die. You stated that your group got together to develop ideas on how to take action and your group decided to write letters to Michael. Why didn't the group attempt to notify Michael's family?

Our next step (the very day he died) was to contact his family and Elizabeth and urge them to come to Michael's house and help him. The "intervention" was indeed comprised of different steps...

8. After Michael's death, did your group take your observations to the authorities investigating his death and what was the outcome of that action?

The proper authorities have the information. We cannot know how this info is used, the investigation is still ongoing.

9. How does your group respond to criticism that your campaign seeks to diminish Michael Jackson's legacy?

Michael's legacy is too big and untouchable to be diminished by a group of loyal fans who want justice for him and for his children. The truth does not diminish his legacy in our opinion. He was a human being, with immense talent and a big heart, a special soul. People around him had a duty to care for him, he was a gift to this world, but instead they just used him as an asset.

10. Randy Phillips of AEG recently stated that he didn't know how critics would know what's being shown of Michael in this film (in response to TINI's assertions that the film will not show Michael's true physical condition at the time of his death). AEG representatives also stated that the only party that would be hurt by this campaign is Michael's children. How do you respond to AEG's statements?

We don't know yet everything that is in the movie, however AEG / Kenny said themselves they will portray Michael in a positive light. We all saw the trailers and heard from various press that the movie is edited, there is no single performance from beginning to end, just bits and pieces put together (the best of Michael's footage). Also, most of the footage seems to be from the last 2 rehearsals, and Randy himself said "He really kicked into high gear and was totally engaged in the last two weeks. Before that he was nervous and not really coming to rehearsals"

The campaign is not hurting his children. We are not boycotting the movie, we in fact want justice for Michael, for his kids. Truth. One day the children will want to know what happened to their dad and who is responsible.

11. Fans who have been critical of the TINI campaign have charged that your group is merely a bunch of fan stalkers who harassed Michael Jackson in life as well as threatened to sell stories to the tabloids. Did anyone in your group ever attempt to sell your stories to the tabloids and how would you characterize the times that you spent with him?

The answer to those assertions is simple. Michael knew us for years, he knew our names, he talked to us willingly, he invited into his home, his car, his rehearsals. He confided in us, he called us on the phone sometimes. He drew strength from us, our letters, and gifts. He wrote letters to us, he invited some of us to go shopping or to the movies with him. In his words, "we were his world".

Does this seem like stalking? He confided in us because he knew we would never betray him by talking to the media.

12. Did Michael ever talk about the fans and how he felt about them? Did he ever give your group messages to take to the fan community?

In fact, these letters were written by him to us. He would sometimes want to relay these messages to the whole fan community.

13. After 'This Is It' has been shown in the theaters, what will be your campaign's future focus?

We want to take things one step at a time. There is definitely more to be done by Michael's fans, because we are the only ones left to fight for the truth and his legacy. As his army of love.

14. Does your group have any regrets in launching this campaign?


15. Michael had missed rehearsals and showed up late. Would you be able to provide date and time that Michael showed up to rehearsals?

Michael went to rehearsals many times in June, but usually late (around 5-6 pm, until 1 am). Sometimes he might have missed rehearsals, according to AEG/ Randy quotes. But if this is true, it only means that they were pushing him way too hard.

16. If you had got to watch the rehearsals, did Michael participate in the rehearsals or just sat and watch? Do you have dates when you saw Michael actively participated in the rehearsals?

We were not part of the full rehearsals, we only have accounts of some insiders, but we cannot openly state so. We did see him dance briefly and hear him sing live.

17. Did you see Michael cover himself with blanket? Many fans have heard that he felt very cold sometimes?

See answer above.

18. What changes did you notice in the security staff's demeanor, and in their allowing you access to Michael, in the weeks before his death?

One of the fan testimonies on our website touches upon this aspect. See excerpts in the following answer.

19. On the night Michael died, was there an increase in the number of security staff around Michael's home? By what number, in your estimation? Were there any individual security that you had not seen before?

Again, there is one testimony touching on this on the website. The number of security at the house on the last night increased.

Samantha's testimony
Unfortunately, the day after Michael made this statement (about not wanting/being able to do 50 shows) it came out in the press. We don't know, but AEG was quick to refute it and call it a lie. This also coincides with the timing of everything changing for the small group of us who used to have open contact with Michael.

After AEG found out about Michael’s statement to us everything changed. Security shut us out and Michael stopped being as “available”. With restricted access (although we still saw got to see him and somewhat speak to him) the doctor’s visits became more frequent and we noticed more of a physical change in him, especially his weight. He just looked too skinny and something felt wrong overall. Even his security guards’ attitudes and ways changed.

On June 1st Michael started rehearsals at the Forum in Inglewood A couple of weeks into it, Michael Amir (Michael’s personal assistant and security) said that Michael was very tired, that he hadn't slept the entire week-end and that AEG kept on calling him all the time.

In the last few days of Michael’s life I also remember noticing his security guard Alberto Alvarez often looking very agitated and breaking into a nervous sweat. He would tell us, when questioning him on whether Michael was okay or not, that Michael was “focused” and in “tour mode” and not actually answering the question. Yet we could see it was more than that, that Michael had become increasingly altered, groggy and emaciated and that his security was nervous about something. In fact, instead of having 2-3 guards behind the gates at his house, it doubled and tripled and I even counted up to 12 of them on the night he died.

20. After you gave Michael the letters expressing your concern, you have said you were told you could contact him by phone. Were you able to contact him, i.e., did you have phone access to Michael on the night he died?

No, we did not talk to him on the phone. He tried, but didn't get through. We don't know for sure what happened.

21. Who do you ultimately blame for Michael Jackson's untimely death?

We do not want to speculate what we don't know, particularly not until the official investigation is concluded. One thing is sure thou, there are many people who bear direct and indirect responsibility for what happened, and what we do know, we need the world to know, for justice, for Michael.
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PostSubject: Re: TINI Campaign   Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:11 pm

Just something I found strange:

"He confided in us because he knew we would never betray him by talking to the media."

"Unfortunately, the day after Michael made this statement (about not wanting/being able to do 50 shows) it came out in the press."

That smells like "some of you did talk to the press" girls.... :glare:
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TINI Campaign
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