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 This Is It CD...weird stuff

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PostSubject: This Is It CD...weird stuff   Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:48 am

I got my CD the other day and there's some really weird stuff going on with it. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet or not...if it has, sorry

Here's a pic of the back cover:'s some obvious 'weirdness':

1) "Produced by Michael Jackson and John McClain"
Hmmm....isn't the 'story' that the movie and therefore, the CD were only done due to MJ's 'death'. The CD supposedly was produced post June 25th. Why is it that MJ is mentioned as a producer of the album? Ya, it could be because the material, for the most part, is re-released material...but still, MJ did not produce THIS album. Unless, this was something that was already planned prior to his 'death'...but that doesn't fit the 'story' about the movie and the release of the CD.
Also, the pic of the back cover doesn't show the bottom of it...I can't find a pic of the full back cover. But at the bottom, it has all the logos...MJJ Productions, Epic, and Sony. The Sony logo used on the back cover is the "Sony Make.Believe" logo that was only announced by Sony in a press release on Sept 3, 2009 (I posted the link to that release somewhere in another thread).

2) The next blatently obvious 'weirdness':
"Always great to sing with my brother"
Who the heck said that??? If it's from MJ...again, wasn't he 'dead' by then? And which brother is he referring to? Supposedly all the brothers sang backup on the This Is It shouldn't it say "always great to sing with my brotherS"? And if it's directed to MJ from the brothers, shouldn't it say "always great to sing with OUR brother"? Very strange... we had an extra "S" at the memorial, and now an "S" has been left out???

3) The credits in the book:
Within the booklet of the CD, each song is listed with all the credits/people who worked on each song. For EVERY song, except Jam, the credits for writing go to Michael J. Jackson...while the vocals credits are for Michael Jackson (with no middle initial). Why would they do this? I have gone over the other albums I have and they have never used the initial before on any credits. What is up with that???

4) This is the least weird thing and probably means absolutely nothing lol:
On the front and back covers, on MJ's silhouette...there are "7" spotlights on his face. That number 7 again lol

What do you guys make of this stuff?
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PostSubject: Re: This Is It CD...weird stuff   Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:09 pm

AHHHHHHHHHH... Can't see the Pic!!!!!! Please repost, I so wanna see it

You give me butterflies...
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PostSubject: Re: This Is It CD...weird stuff   Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:55 pm

The first is probably because of previously released material. And they probably were planning on releasing a cd eventually. And he may have had a clause that he must be given producer credit on everything put out.

The second part is probably one of the brothers or all of them. Typos go unnoticed on cd covers all the time. I've only heard the media say "the brothers". It may have been just one brother?

3rd part. Who knows but I'm sure its nothing but a bunch of legal jargon. They kind of rushed this too so all the people who put the package together might not have all been on the same page. You should see some of the books that have been rushed out since his death!! Horrible work. Wrong dates, wrong locations, shoddy printing. Just not caring much at all about errors and stuff just so they can make sure they get in on the gravy train while its peaking.

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PostSubject: Re: This Is It CD...weird stuff   

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This Is It CD...weird stuff
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